Website Design Process Story : Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community

This website design process story is the process I followed to help this organization create their website.

Website Design Process Story – Define Phase

Website Design Process Story Define Jhamtse Gatsal Website

This website was a team effort. This organization has supporting groups in the USA, Switzerland, and India with individual supporters in over 25 countries. We asked many questions to help us understand the organization’s many needs.

They needed their website to be a fundraising tool to inspire new donations, tell their story clearly, encourage new people to volunteer and inform the Indian government about their different activities.

Website Design Process Story – Research Phase

Website Design Process Story Image of Research Jhamtse Gatsal Website

Because this website was going to be the organization’s first website we did not have analytics to look at. To guide our design we interviewed volunteers, sponsors, donors, and supporters about the things that they saw as needs for the website.

In this research, we observed the orientation the organization gives new visitors. This helped us understand how they tell their story. We thought that this might be a great way to model how the website content was organized to help visitors to the website have a similar experience to a visitor who receives an orientation in person.

Website Design Process Story – Ideate Phase

Website Design Process Story Image of Ideate Jhamtse Gatsal website
Website Design Process Story image of JGCC prototypes
We brainstormed wireframes to mock up potential layouts for the site. We experimented with different methods for the menu navigation, the homepage content and page content. Based on the needs of the organization and the research collected from potential users of the site, I created a mind map that later influenced how we organized the site map or information structure.

Website Design Process Story – Prototype Phase

Website Design Process Story Image of responsive view of site
We created a working prototype of the navigation and the responsive design to make sure it worked across a verity of devices from mobile to desktop. We then tested this prototype with users to get their feedback. We learned what worked well and what could be improved. We created numerous design mockups in Photoshop until we hit on a design that fit the organization’s branding and design style.

Website Design Process Story – Implement Phase

Website Design Process Story image of using wordpress

To help ensure the long-term success of the website we created it using standard practices to ensure that its core theme/design can be updated easily in the future without effecting the content.
Another reason we chose to use WordPress was to make it possible for the organization to be able to update the text and photos easily without requiring html coding. This will help ensure the site will be easily updated into the future.
We helped the organization select a donation system and email sign up methods that automatically integrated with their donor management system.

We created a plan that allowed for more improvements over a period of time. We created a list of features prioritized the their implementation into phases, putting the essential features into the first launch of the site and other features in a phase two and three.

Website Design Process Story – Learn Phase

We implemented google analytics to monitor traffic to help understand how to improve the site in the future and better meet the goals of the organization.

I have used this approach in many different ways to solve problems. Learn more about this approach and other ways I have used it.