Video Process Story : Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community

This video process story is the process I followed to help this organization create this video to tell their story.

Video Process Story – Define Phase

Video Process Story Image of Define Jhamtse Video
I met with the organization about the needs they had for making a video. They wanted to explain the fundamental reasons they do the work they do. I asked many questions to understand their work and why they do it. I found out who they wanted this video to appeal to current and future donors and volunteers. They wanted it to be distributed online and by dvd.

Video Process Story – Research Phase

Video Process Story Image of Research Jhamtse Video

I learned more in depth details of this organization by getting a detailed tour of the community. I did first-hand visits to the villages to see the place where the children of the community come from. I observed life around the community. I researched the communities history, current situation and future plans. All this helped me to gain a more thorough picture of the story they wanted told.

From all this research I created a framework outlining themes to help me organize the information into a storyline that I hoped would be compelling.

Video Process Story – Ideate Phase

Video Process Story Image of Define Jhamtse Video
I took this outline to guide me in brainstorming a list of questions that I could use to guide the structure of the information presented in this short video. I created over 50 questions that I used to understand and record footage of the director talking about organization’s story. I used this footage as a foundation to then illustrate community life at this school and in the surrounding villages.

Video Process Story – Prototype Phase

Video Process Story Image of Prototyping Jhamtse Video
I created a rough edit of the video and had a few people look at it to give me feedback of ways I could improve it. It was suggested how to make it more concise and ways I could illustrate parts better. With this feedback I went back and shot the needed footage. This feedback improved the video.

Video Process Story – Implement Phase

Video Process Story Image of Implement  Jhamtse Video
I came up with a list of tasks that needed to be done. I planned out a timeline to complete the video and put it on a calendar. To keep the project on time I referred to the timeline every couple of days, adjusted it as needed, and worked like crazy to get it done by the deadline.

Video Process Story – Learn

This video met the goal to tell the story of the organization in a compelling way. The feedback that I received from one of the members of the organization was that it made them cry because it told the story they were trying to tell so clearly. If I was to create this video again I would make is so it was not completely narrated.

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