Spencer Babcock

Spencer BabcockIdea guy, artist and simplifier, I’m a traveler, lover of mountains and a father of a puddle-jumping boy. My creative storytelling and problem solving skills started at a young age and grew during my time at Brigham Young University.

After school, I expanded my experience through a few twists. I helped youth preserve their creativity at a non-profit Visual Art Institute as Assistant Director. Later I assisted families in learning more about how to build stronger relationships, for InnerChange (Residential Treatment Provider) and its partners as a consultant.

Most recently, in the challenging remote Himalayas of India, I worked with Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community and its international supporting groups as an adviser. There I aided them in telling the story of their effort to care for children who are in pressing need in their region. These amazing places introduced me to wonderful people, new ideas and global collaboration that helped shape the work I do today.

I’m not limited only to helping people solve problems and sharing stories; I was featured in the local news of my hometown (Salt Lake City, USA) for my snow turkey sculpture skills at age 10 and I’m famous for sharing my knowledge of starting fires with sticks. I can be found perusing the latest tech news, enjoying a paddle down a river in my kayak or thinking up something remarkable with colleagues and clients.

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To learn more about how I came to do the work I do, see this video or read my back story.