These are my most prominent transferable skills that I draw upon in many different situations to solve problems and help others share their stories.

Making Connections (Convergent Thinking Skills)

Image of Research skills Analyzing details, information, data, people, things, objectives and making connections between findings.

Case Study
I used these skills when I researched Customer Relation Management (CRM) software to help Jhamtse International find a better method for collecting donations, record donor’s information, and then using that information to build better relationships with their donors.

Saved them over $2,000 per year and saved them countless hours of time.

Brainstorming Solutions (Creative or Divergent Thinking Skills)

Image of ideating skillsGenerating numerous ideas to consider many different alternative solutions based on data collected from research.

Case Study
I used these skills to think of different ways the information for Jhamtse Gatsal website could be organized to make it as easy as possible to find needed information quickly for over 100 pages of information.

Creating this website with simple navigation has helped Jhamtse Gatsal’s supporters increase their fundraising efforts by as much as 25% by better sharing their story.

Anticipating Needs (Forethought Skills)

Image of coding Emails skillsThinking ahead to anticipate future needs and next steps.

Case Study
I abundantly used these skills when I designed and custom coded emails for three different partner companies of InnerChange Inc for a total email list of over 3,000 subscribers. Through developing plans I was able to create emails to be sent out on time.

This resulted in a 30% increase in finding leads of potential new customers.

Organizing Information (Methodical Thinking Skills)

Image of video editing skillsSifting through information and organizing it into a simple system that makes the experience of retrieving information significantly more pleasant and intuitive.

Case Study
I used these skills when organizing 90 hours of video footage and distilling it down to a six minute video I created for Visual Art Institute, a non-profit youth art program in Salt Lake City, USA. This video was created as the main feature for a fundraising event.

This fundraising event managed to raise over $50,000.

Collaborating (Team Thinking Skills)

Image of collaborating skillsCollaborating with others in a way that establishes understanding, provides enjoyable interactions with incredible results.

Case Study
I displayed these collaborative skills when I worked with a team of eight people in the USA and four people in India to create a fundraising email campaign complete with landing pages to help Jhamtse International to recruit more long term sponsors.

Ultimately the result of this campaign brought in over 50 new sponsorships for an increase of $20,000 in annual donations into the future.

Other Skills I Have

Image of storyboarding skillsAdobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Word, Excel, Power Point, HTML & CSS coding, web research, sketching, wire-framing, storyboarding, observational drawing, Mac OSX & Windows operating systems. I am also skilled with several different art mediums and a variety of teaching techniques.