Email Design Process Story : InnerChange

This email design process story is the process I followed to help this company create this email campaign.

Email Design Process Story – Define Phase

Email Design Process Story Images of Define Innerchange Email

To begin I met with the client and asked many questions to understand their needs. I learned that the client needed to engage its constituents to more fully connect with them. They desired to create a costume email design that fit their branding style.

I asked who their target email recipients were in the past and who they hoped would be on their email list in the future. I asked how people learned about their email newsletter and how they had new subscribers sign up for the list. I also asked what content they wanted in the emails and what they would link to. I also learned about the budget and timing for the project.

Email Design Process Story – Research Phase

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I researched several other companies in the same industry and subscribed to their email lists to get a glimpse of what they were doing for their email campaigns. I looked at past emails sent from the client. I read content from the clients website, blog and landing pages that we would be linking to. I looked at their branding style guidelines.

To learn from all this research I diagramed a word association chart listing out, metaphors, facts, historical details, emotions, hyperbole, personification, industry terms, and slang.

Email Design Process Story – Ideate Phase

Email Design Process Story Image of Ideate Innerchange Email
Next I used this diagramed word chart I created to base my brainstorming on. I began by sketching layout patterns for the email design: one column, two column three column, featured images, hero image, buttons, links. I went through numerous iterations of different ways information could be presented in the email.

Email Design Process Story – Prototype Phase

Email Design Process Story Image of Prototype Innerchange Email

Once I narrowed in on the idea I thought might be most fitting for the design, I created a mock up in Adobe Photoshop. I incorporated the design branding style the client already had established with the recommended colors and fonts.

I presented the design to the client for feedback. They decided to change the content to a single column layout based on the content they decided to put in their emails. This change required that I re-designed the layout. I incorporate their feedback and they approved it.

Email Design Process Story – Implement Phase

Email Design Process Story Image of Implement Innerchange Email

After the client was happy with the design I coded the email using industry standard html and css using best practices. I tested my design in Mailchimp’s inbox inspector. It runs a test of the coded email to see how it will be rendered in 50 different major email inbox clients. I did a simple comparison test. My coded email rendered in almost double the number of email inbox clients than Mailchimp’s own prebuilt email templets.

The client created a timeline for sending out emails to ensure that my design would meet their deadline I created an implementation timeline listing out all the things I needed to do to create a new email using the same code base.

Email Design Process Story – Learn Phase

The email was sent out to the clients list of thousands of contacts on its list. The email was received well and the click through rate brought in new leads, at a rate higher than the clients industry average.
It was a great experience to design this email campaign for this client. I learned more about standard industry practices for creating and coding emails to work in a broad range of email inboxes.

I have used this approach in many different ways to solve problems. Learn more about this approach and other ways I have used it.