Branding Design Process Story: Honeydew Landscape Design

This branding design process story is the process I followed to help this company create its brand.

Branding Design Process Story – Define Phase

Branding Design Process Story Image of Define Honeydew Landscape Design logo
To begin this project I met with the client to gain clear understanding of the needs for the design. I asked a broad range of questions about to company’s background, target customers, specific design needs, marketing methods, aesthetic preferences, budget and timing.

Branding Design Process Story – Research Phase

Branding Design Process Story Image of Define Honeydew Landscape Design logo
I researched the clients competition to understand the market that it is working in. I went in person to see some of the clients previously completed landscape designs. I examined the client’s working process. I learned more about where and how the branding would be used. I bought a honeydew melon, analyzed all the parts in detail and ate it for some inspiration. I reviewed the notes I took from all the data I collected. I did a mind mapping exercise to develop a framework to identify patterns. I did a word association exercise to come up with a list of things that could potentially become symbols. Words that influenced the final design in symbolic ways included: sunlight, seeds, water, horizon, land, honeydew melon, dirt, and green.

Branding Design Process Story – Ideate Phase

Branding Design Process Story Ideate logo sketches

Referencing the patterns, symbols, stories and images I gathered during my research I began to sketch images. I drew over a hundred different small quick thumbnail sketch variations. I tried out different visual shapes, patterns, compositions, spacing ands so on. This helped make the abstract ideas more concrete.

Branding Design Process Story – Prototype Phase

Branding Design Process Story Branding Prototype

Next I began playing around with some of my favorite sketches in Adobe Photoshop. These were more refined then the sketches but they were still quick working models. At this stage I was experimenting with basic forms and composition. I began to explore possible fonts and colors. I also got feedback from other designers to help me refine my ideas.

Branding Design Process Story – Implement Phase

Branding Design Process Story branding cards, site, letterhead

At this stage I showed the client the design that I felt was the strongest. I received feedback from the client relating to the color. He wanted it to be on a dark brown background dirt color. I thought this was a great idea because it connected the design back to the earth which is fundamental to the business. It worked well with the design so I incorporated this feedback.

Once the client was happy with the logo I implemented the design on business cards, letterhead, return address labels. I had the printing taken care of. Later, I also created a simple one page website.

Branding Design Process Story – Learn Phase

Branding Design Process Story Holding iPod With Logo

From this process I enjoyed the benefits of doing good research, analyzing my research well and doing in dept brainstorming. I was glad to see the client was happy with this design, he even set it as the wallpaper on his iPod.

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